X505 Car Black Box with Embedded ADAS + DSM Solutions

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Versatile DVR with Rugged Memory Device

The car black box has 4 video channels for tracking and real-time detection of your car performance. The rugged fireproof memory device survives 1100℃ high intensity fire and enables you to access your data in harsh conditions like fire, water immersion or hard crash.

Face Identification

The system captures human faces and compares them against those that have been preserved in file to determine whether they match with each other. This helps to prevent unauthorized drivers from driving vehicles.

Front Vision Detection

To decrease avoidable crashes and to minimize accidents, the ADAS + system will notify you of a pedestrian or a cyclist in the danger zone and alert you of any possibly imminent crashes. When you are veering off the current travel lane without a lane change signal, it will trigger spoken warnings.

Lane Departure Warning and Pedestrian Protection

The system alerts the driver, through audio and visual warnings, when your car deviates from the current lane or when any pedestrians walk nearby. The system is highly recommended for the drivers who feel drowsy easily on the road or often spend long hours driving.

Blind Spot Monitoring

When you signal a turn and shift lanes, the blind spot monitoring system will alert you of a vehicle or other objects nearby but that may be out of your sight.

Driver Behavior Analysis

You will hear a warning whenever our system detects any of your behaviors that are deemed abnormal or unsafe such as talking on the phone, smoking, shielding a camera, fatigue, drowsiness, etc.

Integrated Design and Wide Applications

Instead of being loaded in a separate box, the ADAS system ( module ) and DVR are integrated into one black box The compact design saves space and makes it much easier to handle. We recommend the use of this intelligent car black box for fleet surveillance and management of public buses, school buses, oil tankers, coaches, vans or other commercial vehicles.

Cameras for ADAS and driver monitoring:

Technical Specifications:

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