DVR-M505 Car Black Box

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  • High definition videochannels
  • GPS/BDS/GLONASS positioning modules
  • 4G/ WiFi/Bluetoothwireless transmission
  • Faceidentification & driver monitoring system ( DMS ) sending alerts whenever it detects any signs of drowsiness or distraction like closing eyes, yawning, smoking, making a phone call, etc.
  • An optional peripheral rugged data memory device that survives 11000C high intensity fire and functions 100m underwater for 240 hours
  • For tracking, surveillance and fleet management online when connected to our platform
  • A telematics device for data protection of passenger buses, delivery trucks, oil tankers or other commercial vehicles.
  • Size:160x 140 x 48mm
  • NWT:800g


  Technical Specifications: 


System Linux 3.10
Video Input 4 CH AHD 1080P/720P + 1 CH IPC
Video Display in pixels   PAL: 704 x 576     NTSC: 704 x 480
Video Coding  H.265/H.264   dual stream coding
Audio 5 CH input   G.711 audio stream coding
Audio/Video Output HDMI x 1   CVBS x 1
Playback Single channel ( local )    1/4/8 CH ( browser )
Storage 2 x SD(512G) = 1024G

External USB backup

Satellite Positioning   GPS + BD2 + GLONASS
Wireless Communication 3G/4G, WiFi & Bluetooth
Peripheral Interface VOIP   USB x 2   SIM/UIM card x 1

RJ45 for IP camera   RS485 x 1   RS232 x 1

I/O: Input x 4   Output x 2

Power Input: DC8V~36V
Temperature Range -35~80℃ ( operation )
Humidity 10~95%
Shell Protection IP43
Parameters of crashworthy memory device ( a patented product for option )
Fire Resistance 1100℃     950℃     260℃
Water Immersion 100m underwater   240 hours
Impact Force 50g  100ms ( all axes )

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4G, GPS, 4G, GPS, WiFi, BT, 4G, GPS, WiFi, Face Identification, Driver Monitoring System/DMS

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